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Adaptive By Design

Built specifically to meet the needs of Baby Boomers, seniors, and the disabled, Ti-Trike offers the most adaptive trikes on the market. We put comfort, stability, and safety first.
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Easy to Ride

18 speeds and a responsive tadpole design make our trikes easy to pedal and fun to ride. Three wheels and a low center of gravity add stability and handling. One test ride is all you need.
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Titanium Frame

You need the best metal to build the best trike. We took a close look at steel and aluminum, but in the end chose Titanium for its strength, lightness, and durability. Expensive, but worth it.
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Power Assist

Ti-Trike is the world's first manufacturer of power-assisted recumbent tricycles. 500 watts of power take the sting out of hills and headwinds. Extend your range....and your fun.
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Dunny Has New Wheels

“Thanks to the generous support of people in Santa Cruz and Marin Counties we were able to upgrade Dunny from a skateboard to this very cool trike! Many thanks to the many people who donated. Thanks also to Ti-Trikes for building such a great trike for people without legs. This video shows Dunny taking his first ride on 6/19/16.”


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