Off-Road Ti-Trike

Off-Road Trike

Experience the freedom of a trike that is at home, off road, on the trails, in the fields, hunting and fishing, or just riding on the street and bike paths with your kids or friends. A high torque quick motor that has a range of at least 30 miles on a charge, can climb most hills where most mountain bikers would be walking. Trail and road legal and easy to pedal, it will get you there and back, weighing in at only 65 pounds fully loaded.

Frame: Aerospace grade welded Titanium with custom machined aluminum rear dropouts. 36” track and available in different wheelbase lengths: 42”. Front boom adjusts up to 5”. Width is same on all at 36” CL to CL of front tires.

Capacity:   Up to 450 pounds, including rider weight and cargo. 

Motor:  500 watt electric assist motor with 48 volt and 14.5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery with an integrated 5 speed power assist function.

Drivetrain:  Internally geared Patterson planetary bike transmission. fully enclosed, low maintenance. Equivalent to conventional 28/45 tooth chainrings. Shifts under any conditions, including while pedaling, coast­ing, or standing still. Improved safety and ground clearance.

Braking:   Sturmey Archer X-SD 90 mm drum brakes, weatherproof, low maintenance.

Steering:  Ackerman direct steering with integrated hydraulic steering damper. Improves stability while cornering. Handlebars adjust for reach and hand grip rotational angle. Wheels – Three (3) 20” X 4” wheels with Fat Tires and 36 spokes.  . Equipped with 4.0” Fat tires and tubes.   Tire inflation is 20-30 PSI, tires can be ordered as smooth for road and paved trail riding, or knobby for true Off Road riding. 

NASA contoured memory foam for improved comfort and durability. Seat fore/aft adjustment = 5”. Seatback adjusts 5” depth within a 30º Range, 6” height.

Available with Power Assist, Hand or Foot Pedal