The world’s first production Tadpole handcycle that is made in the USA. Better stability and improved control.

Handcycle trikes have been around for many years, but there’s never been a handcycle like this before. Most other handcycle manufacturers build their tricycles using an old-style Delta frame configuration (click here for more information), a lower cost approach with a single drive wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. The Delta design’s major shortcoming is due to its front wheel configuration; the same wheel is used for both steering and propulsion. The problem with this approach is rather obvious to any rider. Every push on the right and left handcrank acts like a small sidewards twist or correction to the steering. Rather than traveling in a relaxed straight line, the trike subtly snakes down the road as it is cranked. And the problem gets even worse when cornering, as the steering and cranking systems end up fighting each other even more. Awkward? Yes. Ideal? No.

Enter Ti-Trikes. After careful research and testing, Ti-Trikes has developed an innovative Tadpole handcycle, the first production handcycle that is made in the USA that uses two steering wheels in the front and a single drive wheel in the back. The Tadpole design separates the steering system from the drive or propulsion system, so that power to the handcranks doesn’t affect steering and steering doesn’t affect power. The net result: improved handcycle stability and better overall control, a major performance gain and confidence booster for any handcycle rider.

But the T-450’s virtues don’t stop there. The T-450 uses a lightweight, durable Titanium frame like its other Ti-Trike stablemates. And components like the brakes, drivetrain, and seating are first rate, resulting in a comfortable, lively ride that will deliver top performance for years to come.

We’re very excited to be the first company to offer a production model, Titanium frame USA made Tadpole handcycle. Test rides of the T-450 are available by appointment at CT Adaptive Cycling/ Mobility in Motion on the Rail Trail in Simsbury. So give us a call to schedule a test ride and find out for yourself why the whole industry is talking about the T-450, The next generation in handcycle technology“.

T-450 Purchase Price: $3,595.00 (Manual version)

T-450E Purchase Price: $5,995.00 (Power-assisted electric version, as shown in the photo below)


T-450 touched small


FrameAerospace grade welded Titanium (Grade 2) with custom machined aluminum rear dropouts. 33" track and available in four different wheelbase lengths (according to rider size): 40" - 42". Front boom adjusts up to 5". Width is same on all at 33” CL to CL of front tires.
Carrying LoadUp to 450 pounds, including rider weight and cargo, based on a 20" rear wheel. 26" rear wheel version is limited to 250 pounds carrying capacity.
Rear DrivetrainShimano 10 spd SLX GS. Combines with two speed front gear system for 20 gears in total. 10 speed compatible chain with integrated idler wheels.
Front GearsetInternally geared Patterson planetary bike transmission.Fully enclosed, low maintenance. Equivalent to conventional 28/45 tooth chainrings. Shifts under any conditions, including while pedaling, coasting, or standing still. Improved safety and ground clearance.
Brakes90mm Sturmey Archer X-SD drum brakes, weatherproof, low maintenance.
SteeringAckerman direct steering with integrated hydraulic steering damper. Improves stability while cornering. Handlebars adjust for reach and hand grip rotational angle.
SeatNASA contoured memory foam for improved comfort and durability. Seat fore/aft adjustment = 5". Seatback adjusts 5" depth within a 30º Range, 6" height.
Wheels and Tires20" front wheels, 20" rear wheel, 36 spokes. 20” wheel has greater torque and is better on hills; also looks better visually on the shorter Trikes. 26” wheel is faster. Equipped with durable Schwalbe Marathon tires. Tire inflation is 110 PSI for 20 x 1.50 tire, 100 PSI for 26 x 1.50 tire.

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